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Jessica Noto




Rui has been on our team since March 2023, she is a Veterinary student at the University of Melbourne. She has a dog back home in China who is the initiative for her veterinary pathway. She loves dogs but wants to become a vet who can help all kinds of animals. She always wants to learn more about animals, and her favourite part about working at Melton Veterinary Clinic is spending time with the amazing staff and learning from them. When she is not in the clinic, she is most likely studying for school and getting prepared for exams. She also likes karaoke and horror movies when she is stressed. Fun fact about Rui she has been to all continents and loves travelling.

Dr David Hang

Practice Owner (BVSc)

A familiar face for many clients, David achieved one of his career ambitions by purchasing the clinic in 2007. Ever since then, David has grown the business by focusing on high level patient care and customer service.
David is practising Head Surgeon at the clinic and strives to continue his education, staying up to date with current techniques and standards.
 Along with his two kids David shares his home with wife Nancy and their dog "Curly" 
Out of the clinic, you will find him fishing, or out in the great outdoors.




Veterinary Nurse

Kylie is a highly skilled nurse who began her career in 2006. She started at Melton in 2023 after spending 13 years in Emergency.  After graduating with honours in Emergency and Critical care, Kylie decided surgery was more for her and has been in the surgical wards for many years. Even so, she has extensive knowledge in ICU and internal medicine.

She was deployed to Cambodia via an Ambassador Program with the Australian Government, working with the river dolphins but went on to work on Animal husbandry and sustainable agricultural methods in remote communities.

Kylie's interests outside of work are her horses. She has a passion for retired standardbres's, rehabilitating their injuries and turning them from race horse to show horse. She has been very successful with her team of horses.

She has a busy life on the farm and her daughter also has a passion for animals. FUN FACT: She is also a registered shepherd and breeds one of the oldest English heritage breeds of sheep, the Olde English Babydoll Southdown. 



Veterinary Nurse

Suzanne joined the Melton Veterinary Clinic in 2003 while she was studying her certificate in Veterinary Nursing, which she completed in 2006.
Suzanne has a interest in animal rehabilitation. Suzanne has a Samoyed named Shania who she adores, outside of work you will find Suzanne going on long walks and spending time with her family.


Veterinary Nurse

Jessica joined our team mid 2023 as a final year student studying her certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing.
Jessica has a keen interest in after surgery care and making sure all our patients are comfortable and well loved in recovery. You will often see Jessica on our Facebook page cuddling our patients. 
At home Jess devotes all her time to her Rottweiler Ruby.


Veterinary Nurse

Immogen recently joined the team at Melton Veterinary Clinic at the end of 2023 and has loved every minute of it. Immogen grew up near Byron Bay with a menagerie of animals and spent her childhood riding down every known road on her horse and rehabilitating wildlife with her mother. Immogen prides herself on providing a stress free,calm environment and excellent care to all patients who come into the clinic, especially our feline patients.

Immogen has a deep passion for behaviour,rehabilitation,animal welfare and positive reinforcement training.
Outside of the Clinic, Immogen spends her time hiking,camping and training her horse Samurai. She also has two cats Yuki and Lucifur and four aquariums. 


Veterinary Nurse

Cassidee joined our team after completing her associate degree of Veterinary nursing at the end of 2023.Cassidee has been involving herself with animals for 5 years with one of her first jobs working at a horse agistment. Cassidee enjoys all aspects of nursing but has a special passion for ensuring patients and their owners are comfortable in those final moments. Outside of work Cassidee enjoys reading and spending time with her cats Neytiri and Solomon. 


Veterinary Nurse

Ebony started at Melton Veterinary Clinic in 2018 as a work experience student, and later on completed her certificate 4 in Veterinary nursing.At home she has a ginger cat named penny and has recently adopted the Melton Veterinary Clinic cat Richard. Ebony loves educating our clients and working with animals giving them the best care everyday. When Ebony is not at work she enjoys spending time with her family and in her time alone she loves art. She does paintings of her animals and anything she finds to draw.


Veterinary Nurse

Olivia started at Melton Veterinary Clinic in 2021 as a trainee Veterinary nurse. Olivia began her certificate 4 at the beginning of 2022 and graduating at the end of 2022 as a qualified Vet nurse. 

Olivia also has a horse background and has a keen interest in rehab and surgeries in animal's. She has a keen interest in Surgery but would prefer to scrub in than to monitor.

Outside of work, Olivia is a mum to two young kids and a third on the way due April 2024. She will be taking maternity leave late March and the clinic will miss her skills, sense of humour and enthusiasm.



Practice Manager

Melissa is the Practice Manager here at Melton Veterinary Clinic, she is very passionate about customer service and loves to always have a chat to our clients. Melissa has two beautiful children,a supportive husband and a very cheeky bunny who chews anything and everything.
Outside of work on a sunny spring day Melissa enjoys being outdoors with her family playing board games, arts and craft work.
Melissa grew up in a wildlife shelter which fuelled her love for wildlife and care rehabilitating our companion friend's. 


Nurse Manager

Emma started with Melton Veterinary Clinic in 2013 after completing her certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing. In 2019 she perused a chance to broadened her Skill set by working in a specialised emergency centre. Emma returned back to us in 2020 and has since helped grow the business and is now a  Head Nurse helping to run the day-to-day activities in the clinic.

Emma has a special interest in surgery and internal medicine cases. She also enjoys talking to clients and making a personalised bond with pets and their owners.

Out of work, you will find her in the veggie garden with her son and the family dog, Chaos. Emma has a bit of a green thumb and enjoys growing veggies and using her produce for cooking.



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