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Stray Animals

If you have found a stray animal  what should you do?

1. Take it straight to the local vet in which you found the animal Iin the same shire region). This vet will then examine the animal to ensure that it is not injured and appropriate treatment will be given (this is NOT  a charge you will incur)

2. Otherwise call the local council and ask to be put through to "Animal Management" or "Local Laws". You can find a list of the local councils here. Your council will give you further instructions on what to do.

3. The animals identification will need to be checked via a Microchip or council registration tags to ensure the owners are found.

4. If the animal is unidentified, the council will hold the animal allowing the owners time to reclaim it.

5. If the owner doesn't claim the animal and you are interested in adoption, contact the local council who will give you further instructions on how to do this.


PLEASE NOTE : that the legislation requires you to notify the local council within 24 hours of finding a lost or stray cat or dog. If you do not contact the local council to inform them you have an unowned / lost animal, you can be fined.

For more information on stray animals and the law please click the link below:,-stray-or-injured-animal



If you see sick or injured wildlife you can bring them to your local vet clinic otherwise contact Wildlife Victoria 24 hours a day on 13 000 WILDLIFE (94535)