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10 signs of heart failure in dogs

1. COUGHING – minor coughs tend to last a few days. Seek our advice if it lasts longer.

2. DIFFICULTY BREATHING – including shortness of breath, laboured or rapid breathing. Contact us if concerned.

3. HANGES IN BEHAVIOUR – such as tiring easily, being less playful or being more withdrawn.

4. POOR APPETITE – especially if combined with other symptoms.

5. WEIGHT LOSS OR GAIN – some dogs with heart disease develop a bloated abdomen.

6. FAINTING – call us immediately if your dog faints.

7. WEAKNESS – if combined with other symptoms there could be something else going on.

8. ESTLESSNESS – particularly at night.

9. OEDEMA – swelling of the body, particularly in the abdomen.

10. ISOLATION – distancing itself from you and other pets.